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About us

Fabric Owls


Fabric Owls is a textile design and digital printing house in London curated by Artist Priya Shah.

Inspired by her work and research on textile prints from around the world she created the Fabric Maps of Africa and India (See to study the relation between designs and their origins. 

This in turn inspired many fabric collections with fun-filled prints that gained popularity worldwide.

Putting fabric collections together and creating beautiful stories is our passion and thus Fabric Owls was formed to showcase these, making the fabrics accessible to quilters, designers, and crafters for all their creative ventures.

Why us


All processes in-house

Unlike most other digital textile printing companies all your fabric, from design development to delivery is processed and printed within our facilities. This enables us to maintain consistent quality, faster turn around times and most importantly maintain secrecy of your designs.


State of the art design studio

Our entire design studio with a strength of 25+ graphic & fashion designers enables us to work on your designs with speed and absolute precision.

Design secrecy
Our design studio & production floor are monitored by cctv cameras. Entry is restricted by biometric fingerprinting enabling us to respect your designs and maintain complete secrecy.


Social Compliance

All our factories are socially compliant & conform to ETI norms. Our facilities are OEKO TEX AND  SEDEX certified.

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